Viking Reenactment Bingo! 31

So, I made a thing..

I'ts inspired by the Medieval bingo made by @missjoss that popped up in my story feed on Instagram a couple of years ago. Good fun!

Which of the things below have you done? Share your answers in any social media you feel like, and make sure to share an empty version if you want your friends to try.

I need to try plant dyeing and tablet weaving ASAP 🧐

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Fog and frost 🌬 23

Yule is approaching, and we've had beautiful frost and heavy snowfall in the past weeks 🤍

Time for some red and white in my feed, and for an update from life in the "ammetåke" (an elegant Norwegian term translating literally to breastfeeding fog...the somewhat lightheaded, sleep deprived and forgetful state of a new mom).

As you, dear reader, may have noticed, this years' blog posts have been few and far between. The annual market calendar that I managed to put together at the beginning of the year was not updated throughout the season as promised, and there have been too few history-related events to write much about. There are several reasons for my absence. One year ago, having barely recovered from the severe blood loss that I suffered immediately after a day and a night in labor, I was hit hard with mastitis which put me in hospital last Yule. That was followed by the loss of my beloved four-legged furry friend Embla on New Year's Eve, a loss I have not yet had time to grieve or truly accept. And the new year kicked off with the start of our baby's infantile colic that would last for five months straight, without a single night's sleep. I would have thought that I knew the meaning behind the word exhaustion, but I realized that we had never truly experienced it before.

Why am I writing this today? You see, the other night, my dear boy slept through the whole night for the first time. Hugging him this morning—my beautiful, strong and happy one-year-old—I cannot help feeling immensely proud. We have come such a long way, and the past years' blood and tears have bound us so so close together. A mother's love, that's made of the strongest stuff on this earth, I'm sure.

While stirring the "Samdal stew" I was cooking for dinner, I thought of the Viking reenactment society, and my dear friends in Folkvangr. I hope the new year will bring us more chances to get together, and to make new adventures.

Thank you 2022, you have been tough, but I certainly wouldn't want to be without you.

Some glimpses of December below.

I wish you all a wonderful Yule - stay warm, happy and healthy. 🌿

Til árs ok friðar ❤️

Music: Sarah Schachner - Frozen Lands

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Mother tongue  2

As a child, I went to Icelandic classes to learn more about my mother tongue after the regular Norwegian school was over. During elementary school the classes were within walking distance, and during lower secondary school I had to take the bus to the city centre. I never gave it much thought at the time, but thinking back I am so grateful for having had the chance to receive this privilege for free—which has since been restricted. Icelandic kids living here in Norway nowadays will not learn the somewhat complicated Icelandic grammar in school, and may not be able to speak and write it correctly. Such a shame, considering how mother tongue education is connected to development of identity and personality—something I feel very strongly in my own case.

I am lucky in the sense that my Norwegian father studied in Iceland when he met my mother and thus speaks the language fluently, so that it was always what we used in our home. To this day, it is the language I mainly think and dream in.

During these classes, we did everything from dissecting fish and learning the Icelandic terms for each part of it, to drawing the creation of the world in Norse Mythology. We read the saga literature in Old Icelandic, those precious treasures meticulously written with ink of vellum by medieval authors and poets with such eye for detail and beauty.

One of those authors is believed to have been Snorri Sturluson, my 22nd great grandfather on my maternal grandfathers’ side, who supposedly wrote the Younger Edda and Heimskringla (which I am holding in the photo below).

No doubt these classes sparked my interest in Norse cultural history, and my enjoyment in historical reenactment and recreation.

And today I am passing the Icelandic language on to my child!


Music: Ursprung ft. Sigurboði - Uruz

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Folkvangr - a weekend in good company 🦌🌿 13

Veiztu, ef þú vin átt,
þann er þú vel trúir,
ok vill þú af hánum gótt geta,
geði skaltu við þann blanda
ok gjöfum skipta,
fara at finna oft.
If you have a friend,
one that you trust well,
and from whom you want only good,
share your mind with them,
exchange gifts,
fare to find them often.

I find that one of the most rewarding things—at any age in life—is having a small group of friends, people that share some of your tastes in books, music, games and hobbies. People you can have meaningful conversations and silly laughs with around the fire, while wearing historical clothing, in the middle of nowhere on a Saturday night. ^^

I'd like to share some glimpses of our recent meeting, in the forest in the outskirts of Bergen. My sister took care of our baby for us so that Christian and I could both go and spend the night, and we had such a fun time!

By a happy chance, our campsite had lots and lots of blueberries... 🫐🌿

When we formed our little group six years ago we chose the name Folkvangr, which is the name of Freyja's home in Ásgarðr in Norse mythology. Our color is blue, and I designed our logo as a circular bind-rune with each of the letters in the name, using the long-branch runes of the Younger Futhark.

I had it embroidered on this dark blue linen canvas. Isn't it pretty? 💙

Enjoying cured meat, cheese, beer and mead (and Silje's delicious warm soup for supper).

What do you like to do for fun on a Saturday night?
Would you choose doing something like this over spending it in the city?


Music: Skald - Galdurkonst Och Tusenskrönor

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Hafrsfjord Viking Market 2022! 🌳🍃 14

Ahh, to set foot at a Viking Market again!

Walking in the grass in soft needlebound woolsocks and turnshoes; listening to the sounds of clinking beadrows and clanking swords; breathing the scent of bonfire smoke; and hugging good friends and acquantances that you haven't seen in three summers...

This market has been one of my regulars since the first time I visited back in 2015. It was such a pleasure to be back! Hafrsfjord is a historical place, and the battle at Hafrsfjord took place here about 1150 years ago. It was the final battle on Harald Fairhairs' mission to become the first king of the whole of Norway. The anniversary of the unification was celebrated by the municipality, which made this summer's market especially big and crowded during the opening hours.

This was Einars' very first experience with Viking market life, and he was busy taking in all these new impressions—wanting to smell and taste everything from wool socks to jewellery, haha. ^^ He was of course very preoccupied fiddling with all of my bling as I carried him around, and I bet he finds my modern clothes pretty boring after this!

My friend Anja's beadrows also had to be inspected...

Beautiful Viking Age aesthetics... 🍎🍃🕯🔥✨

Anna, displaying examples of her lovely tablet weave 🧶

...and Iselin posing like something straight out of the Hobbit films!

No less than nine Viking ships had sailed to Hafrsfjord for the occasion. Isn't that amazing? 🐉✨ This is the stemhead of the ship "Gyda".

I always want to get one of these historical glasses, but then a voice inside my head reminds me that it would probably break during the next feast... 🤭

Making glass beads...

Peter Merrett, the bone carver, gave Einar this pretty bone pin. :)

The weather was shifty as only west-coast weather can be, and we had blazing sunshine as well as pouring, mud slushing rain. The latter made me a little bit less sad about not sleeping in a tent this time, as we stayed at Christians' parents' house for the weekend. The baby & historical tent camp-combo will have to wait until next year, but I'm already looking forward to it!

I'm so happy to have been able to visit. Thanks for having us Hafrsfjordvikingene!

Until next time ♥


Music: Otava Yo - Pro Ivana Groove

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My little Viking 🍃  3

Såg du din fyrste dag
Drog fyrste andedrag
Der omkring stod nornar ni
Vinda vevja, vind til liv

Låg du der i favn åt mor
Knytta i ei navlesnor
Bytte den med ættarband
Liv og lagnad, i det spann

Møyer steig på ættarhaug
Dansa yver alv og draug
Vinden leiker, i møyer dreg
Vinden som vil fylgje deg

Nornar nie steig fram
Vov og bandt lagnad

For min unge, eg gåver baud
Så ingen vov med ilske naud
Ved stokk ved stein ved trolletein
Spinn dei lagnad, utan mein.
As you saw your first day
Drew your first breath
Gathered around stood nine Norns
Wound and wove, wind to life

There you laid in mother’s arms,
Bound by a navel cord
They changed it to a family line
Life and fortune, into it spun

Maidens stepped upon the family-mound
Danced over elves and spirits
The wind pulling them playfully
The wind that shall follow you

The nine Norns rose up
Wove and wound fate

On behalf of my child, I offered gifts
So that none would weave with ill intent
By stick, by stone by sorcerous stave
They spin your fate, without harm.

My sweet and big little boy had his first meeting with Viking market life this summer. And I found it fitting that he would make an appearance here as well. ^^

His name is Einar, and he is my love, my everything!

Because I want to shelter his childhood from social media, I will not be sharing much more of him here on the blog, though there certainly will be a photo of us from time to time.

The text at the top of this post is an excerpt from the Wardruna song "Andvevarljod", and I will tell you why I relate to it on a personal level. An hour after giving birth, I had a severe loss of blood. But I pulled through, and I like to consider it a blood offering that I made for his life and wellbeing.


Music and lyrics: Wardruna - Andvevarljod

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Earth and sea 🪡 15

Blár eins ok báta vegr

Brúnn líkt ok róta ból

Blue as the boats’ road

Brown like the roots’ bed

This brown boat-neck underdress is the very first one I made, many years ago. I think the dark earthy color goes so well with the deep blue of my most recent apron dress.

Don't you agree?

This little photo session was however cut short because my baby boy woke up and wanted to breastfeed — and I had to take off almost all of my clothes in order to do that. Haha! I am definitely going to make a long slit keyhole neckline for my next Viking event, for more convenient boob-access. ^^

Music: Kalandra - Mørke Skoger

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The Old Forest 21

"The leaves of trees were glistening, and every twig was dripping; the grass was grey with cold dew. Everything was still, and far-away noises seemed near and clear: fowls chattering in a yard, someone closing a door of a distant house."

I find myself in a Tolkien's Middle Earth state of mind. I've been spending a lot of time there lately, so to speak, listening to the new audiobooks narrated by Andy Serkis while out on the daily walks with my son. ^^

The wordsmithery above this post is an example of why I enjoy Tolkiens' works so much. It's not some famous quote—just a sentence in the midst of others in one of the chapters of FotR—but so beautiful and lifelike, stirring... It's early dawn, and the hobbits are stealing out of the house into the foggy morning, to take the route through the Old Forest. I felt inspired to post this photo series with cold hues, wearing my handsewn blue cloak in the woods above our house.

My son was with me in when those photos were taken as well, though still inside my belly!


Music: Forest Ambience (Nature Sounds) by Relaxing Sounds of Nature

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A (baby) blue tunic 🧵💙  2

Baby clothes: What a perfectly cute way to make use of small pieces of leftover fabric!

This is the second addition to my little boy's Viking wardrobe. ♥ While the red tunic posted about a couple of months ago was made using the fabric left over from one of my apron dresses, this blue one is made of fabric from one of his father's tunics.

It's handsewn with wool thread, decorated with braids along the neckline, wrists and waist.

I went for a keyhole neckline again, and since I was working with fabric scraps I had to add little darts on the wrists to make them wide enough. I also made side slits at the bottom — all of which allows for easier dressing and undressing!

I made this when I was still pregnant, although I haven't had the chance to post it until now. And now the "fourth trimester" is over and my son will soon be four months old! Where did the time go?

Music: GROUPA - Sólblóm

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Viking/Medieval Market Calendar - 2022 🍃 11

Dear craftsfolk and artisans, merchants and musicians; gentry and peasants, kings and beggars; jesters and guards, jousters and bards; medieval munks and viking drunks; pragmatics and purists, history buffs and tourists...

Lo and behold, the market calendar of 2022!

As always, it lists Viking & Medieval markets, festivals and similar events planned across Scandinvia. I only add dates to those who have announced the specific dates for this year, others are listed as TBA (to be announced). Updates are added as they come, but if you have questions or are in doubt about whether an event might be cancelled, contact the respective organizers using the links to the relevant pages.

Direct link for bookmarking or sharing this post:

If you'd like your market or event to be listed, please leave a comment with the name, date and link here.

25–27 Vinterviking - seminar / Winter viking - seminar (NO)
cancelled Re Middelalderdager / Re Medieval Festival (NO)
16–17 Medeltidsmarknad i Kungsträdgården / Medieval Market at Kungsträdgården (SE)
30 Familiedag og marked i Vikingernes Verden, Frederikssund / Family Day and Market in the World of the Vikings, Frederikssund (DK)
30–May 1 Ale Vikingamarknad / Ale Viking Market (SE)
30–May 1 Alsnu vikingadagar / Alsnu Viking Days (SE)
2–8 Ribe Vikingemarked / Ribe Viking Market (DK)
14–15 Ekenäs Riddarspel og Historiska Marknad / Knights tournament at Ekenäs castle (SE)
20–22 Tylstrup Middelaldermarked / Tylstrup Medieval Market (DK)
20–29 Double Wars XXXIII, medeltidsevenemang / Double Wars XXXIII, Medieval event (SE)
26–29 Håndværksfestival på Hjerl Hede / Handicraft Festival at Hjerl Hede (DK)
26–29 Leksands Medeltidsmarknad / Leksand Medieval Market (SE)
26–29 Oslo Middelalderfestival / Oslo Medieval Festival (NO)
27–28 Hovdala Medeltidsdagar og Rikstornering / Hovdala Medieval Days and Jousting Tournament (SE)
28–29 Blicheregnen Middelaldermarked / Blicheregnens Medieval Market (DK)
TBA Lekvattnets Medeltidsmarknad (Karmenkynna) / Lekvattnets Medieval Market (SE)
TBA Middelalder Majmarked / Medieval May Market (DK)
TBA Sigdal Viking-Middelaldermarked / Sigdal Viking and Medieval Market (NO)
TBA Tyresö medeltidsdagar / Tyresö Medieval Days (SE)
TBA Vetlanda Vikingamarknad (Emådalens Vikingar) / Vikingmarket in Vetlanda (SE)
TBA Vikingtinget på Tingvatn (Agder Vikinglag) / Vikingting at Tingvatn (NO)
cancelled Bjørgvin Marknad, Viking og Middelalderfestival / Bjørgvin Viking and Medieval Market (NO)
cancelled Lödöse Medeltidsdagar / Lödöse Medieval Days (SE)
2–5 Tønsberg Middelalderfestival / Tønsberg Medieval Festival (NO)
3–5 Hertug Hans Festival / Hertug Hans Festival (DK)
3–6 Københavns Historiske Marked / Copenhagen Historical Market (DK)
4–5 Smedenes Vikingemarked / The Blacksmith's Viking Market (DK)
4–5 Vikingmarked på Leikvin (Møre frie Vikingar) / Viking Market at Leikvin (NO)
4–6 Ravnsborg Sommermarked / Ravnsborg Summer Market (DK)
4–6 Wenngarns Medeltidsdagar, Sigtuna / Wenngarn Medieval Days, Sigtuna (SE)
6 HusabyMarken, Medeltida marknad / HusabyMarken, Medieval Market (SE)
9–12 Vikingfestivalen på Avaldsnes / Viking Market at Avaldsnes (NO)
9–19 Rikssamlingsjubileet Hafrsfjord - Nordvegen / Unification anniversary Hafrsfjord - Nordvegen (NO)
10–12 Hamar Middelalderfestival / Hamar Medieval Festival (NO)
11–12 Arvika Medeltidsmarknad / Arvika Medieval Market (SE)
11–12 Jernaldermarked i Vingsted / Iron Age Market in Vingsted (DK)
11–12 Medeltidsdagarna i Lund / Medieval Festival in Lund (SE)
17–19 Frederikssund Vikingemarked Frederikssund Viking Market (DK)
17–19 Hafrsfjordkaupangen / Hafrsfjord Viking Market (NO)
18–19 Als Vikingemarked / Als Viking Market (DK)
25–26 Vikingemarkedet på Lindholm Høje / Viking Market at Lindholm Høje (DK)
25–26 Yddir Vikingmarked / Yddir Viking Market (NO)
TBA Esrum Middelalderdage / Esrum Medieval Days (DK)
TBA Ribes Middelaldermarked / Ribe Medvieval Market (DK)
TBA Silvergruvans Medeltidsdagar / Silvergruvans Medieval Days (SE)
TBA Sunnmøre Middelalderfestival / Sunnmøre Medieval Festival (NO)
TBA Trondheim Vikingmarked / Trondheim Viking Market (NO)
TBA Vikinge og Middelaldermarked, Kongsgården Ulbækgård / Viking and Medieval Market, Kongsgården Ulbækgård (DK)
TBA Wadköping Medeltidsmarknad / Wadköping Medieval Festival (SE)
1–3 Borrekaupangen - Nordisk Vikingmarked / Borre Nordic Viking Market (NO)
1–3 Fotevikens vikingamarknad / Fotevikens Vikingmarket (SE)
1–3 Stallarholmen Vikingafestival / Stallarholmen Viking Festival (SE)
2–3 Medeltidsdagar på Varbergs fästning / Medieval Days at Varberg Fortress (SE)
2–3 Vikingemarkedet ved Højene i Jelling / Viking Market at Højene (DK)
8–10 Slaget om Trelleborgen / The Battle of Trelleborgen (SE)
8–10 Tuna Ting Medeltidsmarknad / Tuna Ting Medieval Market (SE)
9–17 Hova Riddarvecka / Hova Kinghts' Week (SE)
15–16 Middelalderdage & marked, Skælskør / Medieval Days & Market, Skælskør (DK)
16–23 Middelalderdage på Voergaard Slot / Medieval Days at Voergaard Castle (DK)
16–24 Trelleborg Vikingefestival / Trelleborg Viking Festival (DK)
18–23 Bornholms Middelaldertræf / Bornholm Medieval Meeting (DK)
18–24 Isøre Vikingemarked / Isøre Viking Market (DK)
21–24 Historisk Marknad, Flammabygget / Historical Market, Flammabygget (SE)
22–24 Torpa Stenhus Medeltidsdagar / Torpa Stenhus Medieval Days (SE)
22–30 Middelalderuka i Numedal / Medieval week in Numedal (NO)
26–31 Olsokdagene på Stiklestad / The Saint Olav festival at Stiklestad (NO)
28–30 Vikingamarknaden i Saltvik (Fornföreningen Fibula) / Viking Market in Saltvik (FI)
29–Aug 2 Saltr vikingmarked, samling / Saltr Viking Market Gathering (NO)
30–31 Värmlands Vikingating / Värmland Viking Thing (SE)
TBA Barnas Vikingdager på Egge / Childrens' Viking Days at Egge (NO)
TBA Bispens Middelaldermarked, Spøttrup Borg / Medieval Market at Spøttrup Borg (DK)
TBA Bronseplassen Vikingmarked (Agder Vikinglag) / Bronseplassen Viking Market (NO)
TBA Fröja Thing Vikingamarknad / Fröja Thing Viking Market (SE)
TBA Fyrkat Vikingemarked / Fyrkat Viking Market (DK)
TBA Gudvangen Vikingmarked / Gudvangen Viking Market (NO)
TBA Gulatinget Vikingmarked / Gulatinget Viking Market (NO)
TBA Gurre Vikingemarked / Gurre Viking Market (DK)
TBA Heltborg Jernaldermarked / Heltborg Iron Age Market (DK)
TBA Ingólfshátíð / Viking festival of Reykjavík (IS)
TBA Luleås medeltidsdagar / Luleå Medieval Days (SE)
TBA Medeltidsdagen, Forsa Socken / Medieval Day, Forsa parish (SE)
TBA Medeltidsdagen vid Hunehals Borg / Medieval Day at Hunehals Borg (SE)
TBA Midgard Vikingfestival / Midgard Viking Festival (NO)
TBA Moesgård Vikingetræf / The Viking Moot at Moesgård (DK)
TBA Orø Vikingemarked / Orø Viking Market (DK)
TBA Sarpsborg Vikingfestival / Sarpsborg Viking Festival (NO)
TBA Stiklastadirmarkedet / Stiklastadir Historical Market (NO)
TBA Storholmen Vikingasommar / Storholmen Viking Summer (SE)
TBA Thy Vikingemarked / Thy Viking Market (DK)
TBA Vikingar på Birka / Vikings at Birka (SE)
TBA Vikingemarked i Jels Vikingeby / Viking Market in Jels Viking Village (DK)
TBA Vikingemarked på Ravnebjerg i Sagnlandet Lejre / Viking Market at Ravnebjerg in Sagnlandet Lejre (DK)
TBA Vikingmarked i Landeparken / Viking Market at Landeparken (NO)
N/A (biennial) I Förfäders Spår, en vikingatida upplevelse / Ancestors' Footsteps, history event (SE)
3–7 Lofotr Vikingfestival / Lofotr Viking Festival (NO)
5–7 Hornbore Ting / Hornbore Ting (SE)
5–7 Nysted Middelaldermarked / Nysted Medieval Market (DK)
6–7 Vikingemarked i Hobro / Viking Market in Hobro (SE)
7–14 Medeltidsveckan på Gotland / Medieval Week at Gotland (SE)
10–13 Arboga Medeltidsdagar / Arboga Medieval Days (SE)
12–14 Danehof Middelaldermarked / Danehof Medieval Market (DK)
11–14 Tønsberg Vikingfestival / Tønsberg Viking Festival (NO)
17–20 Midgardsblot metalfestival / Midgardsblot Metal Festival (includes a viking market area) (NO)
19–20 Horsens Middelalderfestival / Horsens Medieval Festival (DK)
20–21 Vendeltidsdagar, Uppåkra / Vende Period Days, Uppåkra (DK)
26–28 Ringsted Middelalderfestival / Ringsted Medieval festival (DK)
26–28 Söderköpings Gästabud, Medeltida marknad / Söderköpings Gästabud, Medieval market (SE)
26–28 Varde Middelalderfestival / Varde Medieval Festival (DK)
27–28 Laxöns Medeltidsdagar / Laxön Medieval Days (SE)
TBA Aggersborg vikingehåndværkertræf / Aggersborg Viking handcrafts' meeting (DK)
TBA Askøy Vikinglag Marknad / Askøy Viking Market (NO)
TBA Barnens Vikingadag, Storholmen Vikingaby / The Children’s Viking Day, Storholmen Viking Village (SE)
TBA Bork Vikingemarked / Bork Viking Market (DK)
TBA Festningsdagene på Bergenhus festning / Medieval Days at Bergenhus Fortress (NO)
TBA Hafnarfjördur Víkingahátíð / Hafnarfjördur Viking Festival (IS)
TBA Hove Vikingmarked (Agder Vikinglag) / Hove Viking Market (NO)
TBA Högs Gästabud, medeltids marknad med tournerspel / Medival Market and tournament at Hög (SE)
TBA Jämtlands Vikinga Dagar / Jämtlands Viking Days (SE)
TBA Kalundborg Middelalderfestival / Kalundborg Medieval Festival (DK)
TBA Landa park vikingfestival, Forsand / Vikingfestival at Landa Park in Forsand (NO)
TBA Lunden Vikingmarked / Lunden Viking Market (NO)
TBA Møystadsaga vikingtreff / Møystadsaga viking meeting (NO)
TBA Odense Middelalderdage / Odense Medieval Days (DK)
TBA Vikingdag på Lygra / Viking Day at Lygra (NO)
TBA Vikingemarked ved Kællinghøl, Bjerringbro / Kællinghøl Viking Market (DK)
3–4 Gjallarstadir Vikingmarked Lillestrøm / Gjallarstadir Viking Market (NO)
3–4 Nordfyns Vikingemarked / Nordfyns Viking Market (DK)
3–4 Vikingatida Höstmarknad, Gunnes Gård / Vikingage Autumn Market, Gunnes Farm (SE)
TBA Gudahagens Vikingamarknad / Gudahagens Viking Market (SE)
10–11 Hvolris Oldtidsmarked / Hvolris Iron Age Village Market (DK)
10–11 Ishøj Vikingemarked / Ishøj Viking Market (DK)
TBA Kaggeholms Medeltidsdagar, Ekerö / Kaggeholm Medieval Days, Ekerö (SE)
TBA Middelalderdagen på Karmøy / Medieval Day at Karmøy (NO)
TBA Runrikets Dag, Täby / The Rune Kingdom's Day (SE)
TBA Store Nes Viking og Middelalder Marked / Store Nes Viking and Medieval Market (NO)
TBA Vikingemarked i Sebbersund / Viking Market in Sebbersund (DK)
TBA Vikingemarked på Vikingeborgen Borgring / Viking Market at Borgring (DK)
TBA Vikingmarked på Utstein kloster / Viking Market at Utstein Monastery (NO)
15–16 Middelalderdage på Vitskøl Kloster / Medieval Days at Vitskøl Abbey (DK)
15–16 Søhulegaard Vikingemarked / Søhulegaard Viking Market (DK)
22 Familiedag og marked i Frederikssund / Family Day and Market in Frederikssund (DK)
TBA Tissø Vikingemarked / Tissø Viking Market (DK)
TBA Ale Julmarknad / Ale Yule Market (SE)
TBA Frederikssund Lysfest og Vintermarked / Frederikssund Winter Market (DK)
TBA Hedensk Julemarked / Heathen Yule Market (DK)
TBA Jolemarknad i Vikingbyen, Gudvangen / Yule Market in the Viking Village, Gudvangen (NO)
TBA Medeltida jul på Gotland / Medieval Yule at Gotland (SE)
TBA Vintersolhverv: Fest og marked på Fyrkat / Midwinter: Celebration and market at Fyrkat (DK)

The photos above are from last summer, when I was four monhs pregnant. So this years' market experiences will be very special for sure!


Music: Emian - Chêne Blanc
The Mammen-style ornament used in the top image was made by Jonas Lau Markussen

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Clothes for a little Viking 12

It shouldn't come as a surprise that our little boy will be introduced to the Viking reenactment life... And, at the age of one month, his first pieces of Viking clothing and gear are already in place.

The first garment I've sewn for him is this red tunic! 🍎🍃

The fabric is 100% wool handsewn with wool thread, made using the leftovers from one of my apron dresses. It has side slits and a keyhole neckline. 🪡

The bottom is hemmed so that the tunic can be lengthened as he grows, and the back of the neck has a hidden slit closed with little buttons to allow for that large baby head to fit through more easily. ;)

The tablet weave was custom-made by the talented Anna at Liljekonvall Tablet Weaving.

Our friend Lars Christian, the shoemaker in our Viking group Folkvangr, surprised us by making him these adorable leather turnshoes based on the Oseberg finding.

How cute are they? Pretty damn cute.

Such a precious and thoughtful gift. ♥

Through my ten-or-so years of attending Viking markets and events, I've recognized how incredibly much fun the whole reenactment scene seems to be for the children attending with their families. The days are spent living, eating and sleeping outside with adults who are there in the moment and not disturbed by modern gadgets or commitments; and running around and playing freely with children from other towns and countries whom they meet again every year. While some grow tired or take a break from the Viking life by the time they reach their teens, others find close friends and purpose there and are still actively engaged as teenagers and adults.

I'm excited to be able to offer these experiences and this opportunity to my child. 🏹🍃🤎

Music: Gåte - Kjærleik

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