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Happy weekend everyone, long time no see!

This weekend is an especially good one—because my schedule is wide open, the snow is blowing outside, and I have lots of fun projects to attend to...

A few weeks ago I received this light 100% wool fabric in the mail. I love this deep bottle green color, the type of green that has little yellow in it, but rather a dark blueish type of green. And I found the perfect pure spælsau wool thread to match.

There is enough fabric for several projects, but I started by making a long dress, which I finally had the chance to finish yesterday. ^^

Square underarm gussets, and side gores...

And a keyhole neckline 🗝

It fits pretty well, is wide enough to wear layers underneath, and I made the sleeves very long the way I like them (which is hard to come by for me unless I sew my own clothing)!

Excuse the mess in the background, fixing up our little garden will be another project for spring! 🌱

Up next: A tunic for Christian!

Do you have any sewing projects planned before the upcoming Viking market season? Please let me know, I would love to exchange ideas and experiences. 🧶🧵✂️

Music: Emian - Echu eo ar mare

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